Buildup Production Teams

The Buildup's production team includes the following dedicated teams that take pride in their trade:

Builders: Residential, Specialised engineered brick work.

Civil Works: Commercials earth moving, road, platform, services

Pavers: Residential, Light Industrial and Industrial (walkways, drive ways, Heavy plant yards)

Plasters: Decorative and Structural

Thatches: Entertainment arias, Homes, Business and Venues

Carpenters: General carpeting, Decking, Suspended flooring, laminated flooring.

Painters: Contract Painting Interior & Exterior paints coatings, Conventional Roof Restoration, damp and water proofing.

Team work together on lager projects and are split up on smaller projects. On smaller project team only come in to do their required section and move to the next site.

Teams have their allocated vehicles and equipment required to compete their section of a project that is coordinated by the office. On a daily basis teams are mobilised and dispatched to sites throughout Grouted, south Africa and Bordering countries. Being well organised and informs team members stick to the time lines provided and complete their sections of the project consistently.

Having a structured team that can function well within the Buildup support frame and do individual projects is a big asset to the company and clients. An in house expertise allows for immediate problem solving and increased productivity eliminating all of the risks associated with subcontracting.

Teams have been tried and tested with the most intricate and technical demanding projects. Positions in teams are kept based on aptitude, experience and competency. Successful completion of following projects is testimony the experience and dedication of our teams.

Buildup Production Team